The Masuk All Sports “Booster Club” raises ALL funds required to pay for the awards, trophies, plaques, letters, chevrons, that our athletes receive on Award Nights. In addition the “Booster Club” pays to recondition sports equipment, medical equipment, entry fees for state tournaments, SWC conference fees, and all sports awards.

We support ALL of Masuk’s athletic programs.  This year the Booster Club provided funds to rework the baseball, soccer and field hockey upper field, contributed to the purchase of a new scoring and timing system in the Natatorium, and helped support the EMS and fire department services for Masuk sports. The Booster Club gives out two $500 Scholarships to a boy and girl student athlete at awards night.

 The Booster Club’s main fundraising comes from membership dues, concession stand fund raising at football and basketball, and the annual golf tournament. Becoming a member for $10 provides us the continued financial support that the Booster Club needs! In addition, a few hours of your time throughout the year volunteering for concession stand help gives us the hands-on support that we need!

 We need all of our athletic families support! Soccer, football, field hockey, volleyball, track, cross country, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, golf, tennis, basketball, softball, baseball, swimming, and cheerleading.

Masuk All Sports Booster Club

The MASUK All-Sports Booster Club was formed 

in 2007, as a non-profit 501(c)3 umbrella organization. We are the

booster club for all MASUK High School athletic programs. We raise and

distribute funds to provide necessary athletic program components which are

above and beyond those provided by the MASUK High School athletic budget

and assures equity of resources for all sports.

The Booster Club is administered by the Athletic Director and a Board of Directors

elected in accordance with the provisions of its by-laws. We are recognized by the Board of Education

as the sole athletic booster club organization for MASUK High School.

In 2017 alone MASBC donated over $100,000 towards

Masuk sports and the building of the Masuk Turf and Track project!